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About Mississippi River Adventure's Member:



Maiden Voyage Tours offer river cruises to groups of every kind:

family reunions,
birthdays celebrations, &
office parties.

Meander through the beautiful backwaters of the Upper Mississippi on the 49 passenger Maiden Voyage.

When we glide through the scenic backwaters, we'll have the opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife. Eagles, herons, waterfowl of all kinds, muskrats and river otters are just some of the creatures that make this part of the river their home. Part of the magic of a Maiden Voyage cruise is that you never know what we will encounter around the next bend.

Youth Educational Tours

We offer an educational experience like no other. Captain Vavra has spent most of his life on the Mississippi River. For 7 years he made a living commercial fishing & clamming, two endeavors that are fast becoming ancient history.

Maiden Voyage Tours was born of the idea that this vital history must life on.

Take a tour with Captain Vavra and he will explain the role that commercial fishermen played in helping to provide a food source for much of the country before the days of the big ocean-going "fish factories". He'll provide a "hands-on" demonstration of fishing equipment from yester-year. And, he'll display different species of fish, explaining their biology and life cycles and the different roles they played in the commercial fishing industry.

Tom Sawyer Adventure Cruise

Sign up for our Tom Sawyer cruise and give a child a three-day, two-night, outdoor adventure he or she will remember for a lifetime.
We'll cruise among wooded islands & spectacular bluffs of the huge Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge, considered by many the most beautiful & unspoiled section of the entire Mississippi.

This adventure, however, is about more than just wildlife--the goal is a fund "hands-on" experience your child won't forget. While exploring the backwaters or traveling the main channel we'll do some fishing, maybe even put out a trotline to see what we can catch.

Like Tom and Huck 150 years ago, we'll build our campfire on an uninhabited island, cook our supper and then sleep out under the stars.

Call Maiden Voyage Tours (563) 880-8970 to book your Mississippi River Cruise.


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